I help burnt-out lawyers find a career they love

Get a clear plan to leverage your JD for a job that makes you happy without starting all over again.

I help you value one, while value two and value three.

What if the problem is that you don’t quite know what you want?

If you don’t know what you want, that’s really not your fault. The day you went to law school, you were pulled into a system and told what your life should look like.

You were thrown into a pipeline of job placement, on-campus interviewing, and competitive grading.

You were in the machine of educational money-making and US News and World Report rankings. You were not asked to consider how you could use your degree creatively, given an opportunity to consider what you actually wanted to do, or even think about how your life might not be compatible with a billable hour.

You were just placed in a pipeline. And it's time to get out!

Are You Feeling Lucky?

7 Lucky Layers

Download my proven 7 Lucky Layers exercise to discover the real reason you are always exhausted and miserable in every job you take.

The Course

The Lucky Lawyer Course is an 8-week course that helps lawyers looking to transition from law to something else get what they need to succeed.


Need more hands-on help? Then join me for an exclusive experience where we will find the career that makes you a Lucky Lawyer too.

By the way, it’s not too late.

It never is.

When you learn to focus on what matters to you and get rid of what doesn't in both your career AND life, you become a Lucky Lawyer.

Using my signature system, you will create a “Lucky List,” a tool to help you focus on new opportunities for the right reasons.

If you’ve ever applied for a job you have no background in just to leave the law, or felt stuck and unhappy in your current career, or tried to take a demotion to get a job, then you are in the right place.

Here's How to Become a Lucky Lawyer.

It's as easy as 1...2...3...


Download the 7 Lucky Layers Exercise

Download my free exercise that is proven to help you understand why you are burnt out and exhausted in your current position.


Get the Lucky Lawyer Signature Course

Get my signature 8-week course that helps you focus on the internal work of getting what you want and need out of your career.


Become a Lucky Lawyer that loves their job!

Use what you learn in the course to find the career, specialty, or firm that makes you excited to start your day, every day!

Here's What Others Have to Say

It’s so easy for Nicole to get clear on things that seem so unclear to others. She’s really got a gift for this.


Former Co-worker

Discover How To Ditch the Burnout and Start Enjoying Your Work

Without having to start over from scratch.

Having a successful career in BigLaw is easily every Law School graduate's dream. But what happens when you run up against the cold hard truth?

That BigLaw isn't right for you?

Do you give up and start something new?

Try a new specialty?

Or just change firms?

What if you still end up exhausted and miserable in your next position?

With my proven 7 Lucky Layers exercise you don't have to guess.

Whether you want to end up in BigLaw, start your own legal practice, or leave the law all together...

You will figure out exactly what is causing your burn-out and what to do to avoid it in the future.

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