Are you sick of the Law?

Are you tired of sitting in an office all day drafting documents?

Is the practice you once loved now feel depressing and soul-sucking?

Maybe it's the law, or maybe it's just your specialty.

Finding the perfect career match for an ambitious lawyer like you starts with a little bit of luck.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Sunday evening rolls around and you are still exhausted from last week's thankless schedule full of depositions, documents, and client meetings.

All of your friends and family think you have it made but you're drowning in school debt and you cry on your way to work every day.

You hate playing referee between crazy clients, unpredictable supervisors, and weird coworkers, but you know it's the same at every firm.

Hey I'm Nicole!

My favorite thing is to help friends and students who come to me worried about changing careers.

It's always scary because they have spent so much money on getting their degree and establishing themselves as a professional.

Is there really anything else that you can do other than be a lawyer?

Of course there is! Even better you do not have to start from scratch because your degree and experience are the exact leverage you need to get exactly what you want in life. Even if it isn't practicing law, but who knows?  It might be, just in another practice area!

Here's how we can make magic together!

7 Lucky Layers

Discover how to ditch the burnout and start enjoying your work without having to start over from scratch.

With my proven 7 Lucky Layers exercise you don't have to guess. You can figure out exactly what is causing your burn-out and what to do to avoid it in the future.

The Lucky Lawyer Course

The Lucky Lawyer Course is a 8-week course that helps lawyers looking to transition from law to something else—anything else—even another law firm.

The Course focuses not on getting a job, but on mindset: the internal work required to figure out what you want and how to get it. Most programs focus on the outside and assume the job is the problem.


Need more hands-on help? Then join me for an exclusive experience where we will find the career that makes you a Lucky Lawyer too.

Here's How to Become a Lucky Lawyer.

It's as easy as 1...2...3...


Download the 7 Lucky Layers Exercise

Download my free exercise that is proven to help you understand why you are burnt out and exhausted in your current position.


Get the Lucky Lawyer Signature Course

Get my signature 8-week course that helps you focus on the internal work of getting what you want and need out of your career.


Become a Lucky Lawyer that loves their job!

Use what you learn in the course to find the career, specialty, or firm that makes you excited to start your day, every day!

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It’s so easy for Nicole to get clear on things that seem so unclear to others. She’s really got a gift for this.


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